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On this page, environmental lawsuit means "a lawsuit where the well-being of an environmental asset or the well-being of a set of environmental assets is in dispute". Also on this page, lawsuit with environmental relevance means "a lawsuit where a non-environmental entity or a set of non-environmental entities is in dispute, but whose outcome has relevance for an environmental asset or . Case Studies in the Environment is a journal of peer-reviewed case study articles, case study pedagogy articles, and a repository for editor-reviewed case study slides. The journal aims to inform faculty, students, researchers, educators, professionals, and policymakers on case studies and best practices in the environmental sciences and studies. Environmental Science Case Studies Library. These case studies have been submitted by professors from all over the world. They deal with environmental issues pertaining to certain geographical areas in North America, as well as international and universal applications.

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Return to the homepage. A Case in Point: From Active Learning to the Job Market This case was developed for use in the first weeks of a course in order to show students how participating in active learning exercises in their classes can benefit them. It uses the fictionalized story of a manager of a scientific consulting firm who In this problem-based learning case, three housemates in an environmentally-themed college house debate the pros and cons of compact fluorescent lamps CFLs over incandescent lamps, environmental issues case studies.

The students raise issues of the cost difference between the lamps b A Killer Lake InLake Nyos, a volcanic lake located in Cameroon, Africa, released a huge amount of carbon dioxide gas, killing over 1, people and countless livestock and other animals in the area. This case, intended for use in a limnology or an aquatic bio In this case, students answer questions they have about asbestos in the However, the dam's construction forever altered the Yangtze River ecosystem and the lives of local residents.

In this case study, s A Tale of Twin Towns This case study presents the fictional tale of two neighboring towns that have recently experienced a growth boom and are now suffering the environmental consequences.

The case provides an opportunity to explore a wide variety of anthropogenic causes o A Trip to the Beach This interrupted case study, designed for an introductory biology or environmental science course, introduces students environmental issues case studies the complexity of ecosystems by examining changes in trophic interactions and abiotic factors in a freshwater ecosystem as a resul As the carbon dioxide concentration of our atmosphere increases and our climate warms, environmental issues case studies, the hay fever season seems to be getting longer and more severe.

In this case study, students assume the a role of a public relations specialist contracted to commun Are We Too Clean? This case study focuses on the relationship between the microbiome the suite of species that live in or on the human body and autoimmune and allergic diseases.

At the center of the case is Amelia, environmental issues case studies, a young woman living with Crohn's disease. As the cas In the first part of the case, students are introduced to the history of "Banana Republics" and the biological constraints to banana production, including the devastating funga Breathing Easy About New Air Pollution Standards A town meeting is the backdrop for a role-playing case about ground-level ozone air pollution. The case consists of a flier and scripts drawn from public comment records on the government mandate to reduce ground-level ozone by limiting nitrogen oxide But It's Just a Bottle of Water Bottled water, popular among students, is big business even though issues surrounding it related to health and safety as well as its environmental impact have stirred up controversy.

Designed for an introductory non-majors environmental science course, Butterflies in the Stomach Why is the North American population of monarch environmental issues case studies declining? Ina study published in the journal Nature suggested that a variety of genetically modified corn was killing these iconic butterflies. While it was later shown that t This dilemma case explores the controversy over introducing non-native oysters to the Chesapeake Bay as a means of improving its ecological and economic health.

Developed for use in an interdisciplinary doctoral program in energy and environmental stud Cancer Cluster or Coincidence? In this environmental issues case studies case study students analyze the complexities surrounding identification and confirmation of cancer clusters.

The case challenges students to consider the evidence from two different perspectives; a local family physician representin Cancer Cure or Environmental issues case studies This case is based on the controversy that surrounded harvesting of the Pacific yew from to to develop paclitaxel Taxola revolutionary anti-cancer drug.

The case was designed to expose students to basic conservation biology concepts by ex Carbon Balance of Forest Thinning and Bioenergy Production This interrupted case study introduces students to the concept of carbon storage and how land management decisions can affect this vital ecosystem service. Forests play an important role in the carbon cycle because of their ability to uptake and Caribou Conservation Conundrum As a Government of Canada biologist, "Rachael Mercer" faces the task of advising the Environment Minister on whether a proposed wolf cull should be carried out to conserve threatened caribou populations in the Northern Alberta oilsands region.

Environmental issues case studies Albe Cauldron of Democracy This case study explores the controversy surrounding Yellowstone bison Bison bison and the relationship between wildlife management and pluralist democracy.

In the late s Yellowstone National Park suspended the policy of strictly managin Complexity in Conservation Conservation biology focuses on the scientific study and practice of preventing biodiversity loss. Many complex sociocultural factors affect the success of conservation. This case study presents the true story of a Texas man who killed a cat that was k Cooling Off a Warming Planet This role-playing case on climate change policy is designed to engage student groups in parallel discussions on policy instruments and packages for controlling greenhouse gas emissions, environmental issues case studies.

Specifically, student groups discuss cap-and-trade and carbon tax Corn Ethanol Debate To what extent should corn be used for the production of ethanol? Are we better off producing corn for food or producing corn for fuel? This case study uses a technique called "intimate debate" also known as "constructive controversy" in order to exa This problem-based case study guides students through a systematic exploration of the scientific issues surrounding the production and development of bio-fuels.

Could Grazing Be Dangerous? Ask the Environmental issues case studies This case study introduces important issues related to invasive species and noxious weeds that have particular ecological and agricultural importance.

The realistic storyline follows a rancher, Elmer, environmental issues case studies, who has recently purchased a acre parcel of lan Counting Sheep In this case study, students hear arguments on both sides of a debate over wildlife management and must integrate ethical and scientific perspectives to formulate their own opinions.

The case as written is most appropriate for environmental issues case studies environmental ethics o Dead Fish in Bear Pond This interrupted case study introduces students to the complexity of understanding natural environmental issues case studies in ecosystems through time in the absence of long term data sets.

In particular, students explore the interdisciplinary nature of ecology and examine h Dengue in the Landscape This interrupted case engages students in issues contributing to the increase of dengue fever in Jamaica. The overall goal of the case is to make clear the connections between land use management and public health, specifically dengue fever.

Students l Disappearing Marine Iguanas In this interrupted case study, students apply the scientific method to environmental issues case studies possible reasons behind declining marine iguana populations in the Galapagos Islands. Initially students are given rudimentary information and encouraged to generate wide-ran Do Corridors Have Value in Conservation?

This case study discusses conservation corridors as a means to reduce the problems of population size and isolation in a fragmented habitat. In an interrupted format, students learn what a corridor is, environmental issues case studies, consider how nature preserves and corridors functi Does the Matrix Matter? In this case study, students apply principles of landscape ecology, experimental design, and data interpretation to examine alternative explanations for how birds respond to forest fragmentation and landscape matrix.

Using an interrupted format, the ca The story follows a news reporter and four different scientists who are pre Double Black Diamond Slopes This case study tells the story of a year-old boy, "Danny," who wants to go on a snowboarding adventure with his friends, but is unable to provide any details when asking his parents for permission. Danny is understandably excited, although complete Dredge Today, Restore Tomorrow In this case study, students role-play members of a task force whose task it is to advise the Director of the National Park Service their instructor on the best location for creating a wetland using dredge material from the Potomac River.

This case is based on an actual news release reporting environmental issues case studies research about the effects of eating Lake Ontario fish contaminated with PCBs. Developed to teach students about statistical analysis and experimental design, the case has been used in a senior It encourages students to examine how scientific results get prese Ecotourism: Who Benefits? The context for this overview is a comparison of battery-electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cel The St.

Croix River Managing the St. Croix River has sparked tremendous controversy due to conflicting uses of the river. At risk is the water quality and aesthetic value of this National Scenic Riverway. The drama unfolding around the St. Croix River is used in this case Ethanol or Biodiesel?

The students must inves Evolution by Natural Selection in Oldfield Mice The theory of evolution by natural selection is simple, elegant, and profound. Yet, a large number of undergraduate students including biology majors, medical students, and pre-service science teachers maintain a large set of misconceptions that interf Exotics This case examines the biological, ecological, social, political, and economic factors surrounding exotic species as well as the role of resource managers in shaping public policy on environmental issues, environmental issues case studies.

In addition to conservation ecology courses, th Farmville Future? Life has changed for the rural residents of Farmville County since the arrival of four concentrated animal feeding operations CAFOs ; the air has an odor, wildlife has decreased, and illnesses are on the rise. One of the town's residents has become ac First in Flight, Last in Wetlands Preservation?

Developed for an introductory environmental studies course, this case study explores the ecological, economic, and legislative issues associated with land development and wetland loss. Students role-play the points of view of four different stakeholder Fish as Fertilizer In this case study, students examine data from a number of published studies of the effects of Pacific salmon on freshwater and riparian ecosystems. The case focuses on the interesting phenomenon of spawning salmon acting as nutrient conveyor belts, environmental issues case studies, tr She discovers that the restaurant doesn't serve locally caug To make way for more corn, millions of acres of prairie grassland were plowed under, destroying an


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environmental issues case studies


Dec 31,  · A case study, in the context of environmental issues, usually involves the focus on an actual environmental situation, commonly involving a decision, an issue, a challenge, or an opportunity faced by a group of individuals, an organization, or a society. Case studies enjoy a natural advantage in research of an exploratory courya.tk by: 1. Developed for an introductory environmental studies course, this case study explores the ecological, economic, and legislative issues associated with land development and wetland loss. Students role-play the points of view of four different stakeholder. The 40 most influential environmental justice conflicts in recent American history are now included in a Global Atlas of Environmental Justice. In the United States, decades of research have documented a strong correlation between the location of environmental burdens and the racial/ethnic background of the most impacted residents.