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Sending a distress message in a bottle would not typically be considered a sensible strategy. Rising ocean temperatures, attributed to climate change, have destroyed about half of its coral since On August 30,the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority downgraded the ecosystem's condition from "poor" to "very poor" and warned that the window of opportunity to save it was rapidly closing.

Now, some scientists are hoping that a gigantic piece of pumice stone currently floating towards Australia will aid in the recovery of the world's largest coral reef system. Though famous American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift may consider 13 her lucky number, millions of people worldwide do not share the sentiment.

Things get even worse for the superstitious when the date, as is going to happen this week, coincides with a Friday. While no one knows for sure how Friday the 13th got its fearful reputation, experts have some theories. The year-old US tennis phenom is after all an experienced veteran, with 23 Grand Slam titles to her name. Meanwhile, prior toher year-old challenger had never sports current event articles reached the finals of the four prestigious tournaments — the US Open, the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the French Open — that comprise the Grand Slam.

But in a true-life underdog story, Bianca managed to oust Serena with a resoundingvictory in less than two hours. The Atlantic hurricane season, which spans from June 1 to November 30, had been relatively calm this year, with just one major storm in July. That changed at the end of August, when Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane, came screaming through, sports current event articles, leaving a trail of destruction all the way from the US Virgin Islands to the Bahamas and the US and Canadian east coasts.

However, that changes on the last Wednesday of August, when tens of thousands of revelers descend upon the charming town to participate in the world's largest food fight.

Called La Tomatina, it entails party-goers throwing tomatoes at each other for an entire hour! On Wednesday, September 11,Americans will commemorate the 18th sports current event articles of one of the most tragic days in modern US history.

On September 11,19 members of the Islamic extremist organization Al Qaeda conducted a series of brutal, sports current event articles, well-orchestrated attacks on American soil. In addition to cutting short the lives of 2, innocent people, the tragedy also set in sports current event articles events that would change the course of life both in the US and worldwide. However, sports current event articles, the MS capsule that blasted off from a Russian spaceport in southern Kazakhstan on August 22,had just one passenger — a humanoid robot named Skybot F Our Other Sites.

Read news article. Why Friday The 13th Has A Bad Reputation Though famous American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift may consider 13 her lucky number, millions of people worldwide do not share the sentiment. Popular Articles Week Month Year.


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Through heavily discounted student rates, Street & Smith’s Sports Group, College & University Program gives students the opportunity to develop a broader understanding of the sports industry by reading both Sports Business Journal and Sports Business Daily. Sep 04,  · Sports medicine. Read the latest research on competitive and recreational sports, including information on the occurrence and treatment of sports injuries. Kids News - Sports Articles Pesäpallo: Finland's More Active Spin On Baseball! Once considered America's national pastime, baseball is on a decline, especially among young Americans who seem to prefer more active sports such as football and basketball.