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Search City of Virginia Beach, VA, criminal and public records access citywide. Free arrest, police reports, open warrants and court searches. Requesting a Police Crash Report from DMV. The Department of Motor Vehicles maintains the official record of all reportable crashes occurring within the Commonwealth. Crashes may be reported by law enforcement (FRP) or an individual may also report a crash to DMV. DMV maintains the reports for a minimum of 36 months from the date of the crash. Welcome to ePRO (electronic Police Reports Online), an interactive web application that allows public access to reported crime, traffic accident reports, and active warrants. ePRO is no longer compatible with Internet Explorer 8.

Crime reports for Virginia Beach, VA

Past 3 days. Past 3 months. Past week. Past 6 months. Past month. Assault An unlawful attack by one person upon another. Assault with Deadly Weapon An unlawful attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury. Homicide The willful killing of one human being by another. Kidnapping The crime of unlawfully seizing and carrying away a person by force or Fraud, or seizing and detaining a person against his or her will with an intent to carry that person away at a later time.

Sexual Assault The carnal knowledge of an individual forcibly and against her or his will. Sexual Offense This classification includes offenses against chastity, common decency, morals, and the like. Property Crime General crimes committed on residential or commercial property. Property Crime Commercial General crimes committed on commercial property. Property Crime Residential General crimes committed on residential property.

Theft The taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person. Theft from Vehicle The theft of articles from a motor vehicle, whether locked or unlocked. Theft of Vehicle Thefts of all classes of motor vehicles that serve the primary purpose of transporting people from one place to another. Disorder Any behavior that tends to disturb the public peace or decorum, scandalize the community, or shock the public sense of morality. Quality of Life Incidents related to drugs, liquor, and disorder, virginia beach police reports.

The unlawful cultivation, manufacture, distribution, sale, purchase, use, possession, transportation, or importation of any controlled drug or narcotic substance. Liquor Driving or operating a motor vehicle or common carrier while mentally or physically impaired as the result of consuming an alcoholic beverage or using a drug or narcotic.

Alarm A burglary alarm which was responded to by law enforcement, virginia beach police reports. Virginia beach police reports Any willful or malicious burning or attempt to burn, with or without intent to defraud, a dwelling, house, public building, motor vehicle or aircraft, personal property of another. Death Loss of life caused by negligence, suicide, virginia beach police reports, and accidental death. Family Offense Unlawful nonviolent acts by a family member or legal guardian that threaten the physical, mental, or economic well-being or morals of another family member and that virginia beach police reports not classifiable as other offenses, such as Assault or Sex Offenses.

Missing Person A missing person is a person 18 years old or older whose disappearance is possibly not voluntary, or a child whose whereabouts are unknown to the child's legal custodian. Other Other crimes or incidents not falling into another category. Pedestrian Stop A temporary detention of a pedestrian by police to investigate a possible crime or civil infraction.

Vehicle Recovery A vehicle, other than an antique or classic vehicle, which was reported stolen but subsequently recovered. Vehicle Stop A temporary detention of a driver of a vehicle by police to investigate a possible crime or civil infraction. Weapons Offense The violation of laws or ordinances prohibiting the manufacture, sale, purchase, transportation, possession, concealment, or use of firearms, cutting instruments, virginia beach police reports, explosives, incendiary devices, virginia beach police reports, or other deadly weapons.

Community Policing The theory virginia beach police reports practice of engaging criminals before they commit a crime. Proactive Policing The theory and practice of engaging criminals or violators before they commit a crime.

Emergency A natural or manmade disaster or emergency that public safety officers responded to. Fire A fire that public safety officers responded to. Traffic A violation of traffic law or code. Toggle navigation. Powered by. Too many incidents to plot. Zoom in or change your filters to see individual incidents. Custom date range, virginia beach police reports. Show Registered Sex Offenders. Incident Type.

Agencies Incidents Loading agencies Departments in this area are not currently sharing data through CrimeReports. Click here to learn more. Loading incidents Incident trends. There are no incidents in this area. Pan or zoom the map, change your filters, or search for an address to see data. Map Key Violent. Your browser is not supported. To use this virginia beach police reports, please upgrade to the latest version of ChromeInternet Exploreror Firefox.


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virginia beach police reports


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